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Seed Starting Special!

December 19, 2020 Tea Jay Truchon
Tea Jay's Garden
Seed Starting Special!
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Joyous HumanLight!

If you have any specific questions about starting seeds (or anything else) you can contact me through the website or Direct Message me on the Fediverse http://mastodon.sdf.org/@capheind (or on Twitter or Instagram if you must)

I misspoke about Perlite and Vermiculite. Perlite is a naturally expanded volcanic gas, Vermiculite is a mineral compound that can be heated to expand (incidentally the name comes from the heated products tendency to expand into worm like strands.)

Also to clarify, when I said “There aren’t many genetically modified organisms in food production right now.” I meant to say varieties, significant portions of our sugar beet and field corn populations are GMO, as is most alfalfa grown as a feed. But those are only a very small handful of varieties that aren’t trivial for you to get. 

Update: I am no longer comfortable recommending Baker Creek Seeds as I was unaware of their relationship with Cliven Bundy. There were already some red flags for me and this was one too many. I apologize if anyone made a purchase based on listening to this episode.

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